Cinésonnetten (2): “Crimson Peak” en “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter”

Leestijd 3-5 minuten

Engelstalige sonnetten, doorgaans in iambische pentameter, meer als gevolg van enthousiasme dan kunde. Frivool qua inhoud, dubieus qua filmkritische waarde maar evenwel met ernst en passie geschreven.

Crimson Peak (2015)

The now is but the past adorned anew
That haunts the living few who care to see
the signs it spawns and how they warn for rue
which lies ahead, and which the dead e’en flee

Young dame, what dark and wicked doom waits there
Where spirits tread and crawl and curse the two
Who didst entrap them in their hellish snare
And seek to do that evil unto you

Oh ruthless Winter, why didst thou invoke
A storm so callous and unkind to aid
This plot of devious and deceitful folk
That thus may only end by spade and blade

Engaging tale, performed by expert clique
Unravels deftly there on crimson peak

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)

Of youngsters blessèd with no thought profound
Is told this myth of dread and dark despair
Round crystal lake doth they sojourn on ground
Where gloomy memory doth taint the air

A wretched fiend, too foul for Hades’ halls
Doth cause the youths to cry a plea for aid
And ends with tool and hand alike their calls
In woods where since his own demise he stayed

Young boy, sweet child, what horrors must thou face
While those of age ahead by years do fail
To stand against the brute that runs in chase
And act as little more than helpless quail

Abysmal acting burdens oft this flick
Nigh saved by campy charm which fades too quick

Geschreven door Welf